Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't let them beat you down.

This morning was a rough morning at our house.  It started out rough and I knew this because before Mike left for work he came to me and said, "Honey, just stay strong and don't let them beat you down."  This is funny when I look back on it, but so true.
We are dealing with a little bit of an attitude problem at our house.  It seems that Hadley's body has been taken over by a 16 year old.  This girl has more attitude than I know what to do with.  She can roll her eyes with the best of them and starts to argue with me before I can finish my sentence.  I am hoping that this means the teenage years will be a breeze (a mom can dream).  For some reason this attitude can really push my buttons.  I find myself having to walk away for a minute and remind myself that she is only 3 years old.  Something I said to her this morning must have sunk in, because our afternoon was GREAT!  I know that as a mom there will be rough times and I will say that the GREAT times by far out weigh the tough times.  It is just hard to think of that in the middle of the tough times.  I am so thankful for both of my girls and can't imagine my life without them.
 Since things went great during nap/quiet time we decided to head outside and soak up the nice weather.  We played with the new bubbles that Granny brought the girls. It was a fun time and we even had some neighbor friends come play for a few minutes.

After having fun outside and getting dirty we headed in for a bath.  Then it was dinner and some daddy time.  The girls love their daddy time.  I tried to get a picture of them listening to Mike tell a story but none of them turned out.  I did catch a couple cute ones during prayer time.  Hadley has just started saying the prayer at night and it is very cute.  She always thanks God for daddy's hard work.  Jillian says amen in the cutest way!

I have to show you Hadley's new nightgown.
I was so excited to find it.  It reminds me a little of a certain dress that has made many appearances on this blog.
To end I want to list a few words that Jillian is saying.  I love to listen to her talk these days.

Ow-Ow (owie)
JJ (Jillian)
Amy how (church, she calls it Ms. Amy's house, Amy is her teacher in the nursery)
meemees (jammies)
Hada shool (Hadley's school)
nack (snack)
wilwat (wildcat)
abba (Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street)

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laura mcpherson said...

Oh, you're just tellin' stories!!! Those girls look too sweet to give you all that trouble and attitude :)

Hope you're having an easier day today. I'll start praying now for your teenage years!!