Monday, June 30, 2008

Start 'em young!

A week or so ago my sister wrote a funny post about Sonic here.
This picture from today at the splash park made me realize that I love Sonic and am instilling that in Hadley.

Here are a few other pictures from the splash park.


JessicaB said...

Adorable pictures! Mom will be so proud :)

Anonymous said...

She looks just like her grandlady! I want a splash park, it sounds better than mowing the yard and cleaning out gutters. Love grandlady,mom

Bethany said...

So this made me laugh!! I am also OBSESSED with Sonic! We are there ALL the time! Seriously...ALL the time...although Happy Hour doesn't work well for us with nap time! And I now have both of my kids hooked on it too! I get a Route 44 Cranberry Grape Slush and I get them a small Powerade Slush (that is the drink of choice right now...I let Huntler choose and that is his "thing" these days!!) to share (ask for an extra cup and lid). We have regular incidents where the straw gets poked through the side or bottom of the cup and we have a leak...but that is why I split one drink...saves on the amount spilled!

I am SO glad to hear I am not the only one!! I just read Jessica's post and it cracked me up! I was beginning to get a little concerned since my almost 2 year old knows Sonic by recognition and knows exactly what a slush is!! Even what color she wants!!

Have a great one!!

Laura said...

So CUTE!! That cup is almost as big as she is :) I'm sure Barrett is bound to be a Sonic kid too!

Theresa said...

Love it! We can't drive by a Sonic without Kelton asking to stop. Ice water used to be good enough until Eric got him hooked on ocean water.

Stephanie said...

LOve the picture. Sonic is the greatest that's the part I miss about working in Winfield.