Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback Friday

Trip down memory lane. A week ago we met Mike's mom at Old Chicago to eat. This is where Mike and I met. That got me thinking about our dating days. Every summer there is a Mustang car show in Tulsa. Mike has a love for Mustangs and even has one that he used to drag race. The first 2 summers we were dating a big group of us would come to Tulsa for the car show. It was nice for all of Mike's friends to be able to crash at his place. It was always a great time. This year Mike was able to go to the drag races with his good friend John. The car show was on Father's Day so he went to that by himself. He said that was a great way to spend his day. I think he meant it was great to not have me along asking questions. Here are a few pictures from when we would go to the car show.

Mike and me after a long hot day at the races.

Leaving for dinner with the group. We look so young.Mike racing. This car is his baby.

Mike waiting to race.

My dream car


Christie's Endless Craze said...

Such cute pictures! I bet that seems so long ago but really it was not. I remember meeting Mike at the house you and Meg lived in together. How fun!

Laura said...

Fun memories...seems like so long ago, but really it was only five years. Enjoy your Friday!