Monday, July 28, 2008

Time Away

Warning long post ahead!

What a weekend! Mike and I decided it was time for some alone time. We had never left Hadley all night. So, on Wednesday my mom and Alex came to our house. We had plans to go to the pool on Thursday and then Mike and I would head to Dallas on Friday.

When Hadley got up on Thursday she just wasn't acting like herself. I was pretty sure it was the two teeth that are trying to come in. We decided not to go to the pool and hung out at home. This is what she did most of the day.Then that night at about midnight she started crying and Mike went in to check on her. She has gotten sick. Poor thing. It was about this time that I was thinking our trip wasn't going to happen.

We let her sleep with us that night and she was up off and on. We got up Friday and she was acting a little better so we decided we would go. I knew my mom would do just the same things I would to make her better. She did fine the whole weekend. Mom just said she didn't act like herself. She was quiet and cuddly. If you know my daughter that is out of the ordinary. She is usually on the go 24/7.

Mike and I went to Grapevine, Texas and stayed at the Gaylord Texan. It was a wonderful place to stay.

Here is the view from our room.

These are some pictures from the atrium.

We had a great time but missed Hadley a lot. She still managed to be the center of most of our conversations. It is funny how you notice all the little kids when you are missing yours. We got to see The Dark Night. It was very good. We also did a lot of eating and shopping.

Here are a few pictures of Hadley while we were gone.

And here she is with her present we brought her. It was a hit.

We had a great time but are glad to be back with our baby. Mike took today off so we are headed to the pool.

A big thanks to Grandlady and Uncle Alex for taking such good care of our baby.


Alex T. said...

Anytime i put some pics of hadley up on my Blog. :)

Christie's Endless Craze said...

So sweet! And what a momentous occasion, first overnight without her. Sounds like it went well. The hotel looks amazing!