Monday, July 21, 2008

Bath Time

Just a little look into bath time at our house.
It starts with this cute little girl, happy as can be to be in the water.

She plays and loves on her ducky.

Then comes the time to wash hair. I don't know where my happy girl goes but out comes a screaming child.

When we are done washing hair in a matter of less than a second the happy girl is back.

This in the routine every night. You would think she would be used to washing her hair by now.


Christie's Endless Craze said...

Two words: Drama Queen, just like her mommy :) jk. That duck is HUGE!

Laura said...

That's cute! I hope Barrett continues to be a good boy for bath time :) It's usually Daddy's job though, so he can deal with future hair-washing issues!

Have a great Tuesday!!

Jessica B said...

Brennen started laughing when he saw these pictures. He made a comment about her loving her duck.