Thursday, July 24, 2008

100th Post

I can't believe I am already at my 100th post. For my 100th post I am going to tell you 100 things I love!

1. Jesus
2. My hubby Mike
3. Hadley
4. All of my family

6. Target
7. Mexican Food
8. Chocolate, lots of chocolate
9. Peanut Butter Ice Cream
10. the smell of babies
11. Sleeping with a baby on me

12. 7-layer dip
13. laughing
14. General Hospital
15. Purple
16. K-State Go Wildcats!

17. Watching college football
18. kids shoes
19. Old Navy clearance section
20. vacuuming with my Dyson
21. clean sheets on my bed
22. a clean house before I leave for a trip
23. organization
24. kids
25. swimming
26. the first snow of the year

27. The Triangle restaurant
28. cheese dip at On the Border
29. taking pictures
30. when my People magazine gets here
31. SUDOKU puzzles
32. Christmas Eve
33. my birthday of course
34. BORN shoes

35. a good margarita
36. Peanut buster parfaits
37. playing Skip-Bo with my husband
38. Dip and Bread with the BFEs
39. Playing Scrabble with Brenda
40. a good book and a fire to cozy up by
41. talking to my mom on the phone
42. talking to my sister on the phone
43. hugs from Hadley
44. seeing Hadley grow and change
45. my Toyota 4-Runner
46. browsing at the book store
47. did I say Target already??? it deserves 2 spots
48. a good bargain
49. hamburgers grilled out
50. the smell of a field burning
51. Romance perfume
52. the feeling after a good long shower
53. being clean
54. lotion on my feet but I have to put in on, I don't like to get my feet touched very often
55. a good pair of flip-flops
56. dancing with Hadley
57. my hair the day after a hair cut
58. laughing until I cry
59. a good girlie movie
60. playing outside with Hadley
61. teaching Hadley new things
62. the rule at our house, whoever cooks doesn't have to clean up
63. my momma's tacos
64. scrapbooks made by my sister
65. being a BFE
67. relaxing on the couch
68. warm vanilla sugar body wash

69. wet hair
70. a good nap
71. a summer rain shower
72. ice cream
73. cuddling
74. holding a baby
75. a good long phone conversation
76. a cool fall day
77. a K-State victory
78. comfy pants and a big t-shirt
79. time with friends
80. falling in love
81. a warm sweatshirt on a cold day
82. hugs from my mom
83. getting snail mail
84. a good pair of jeans that fit just right
85. reality tv
86. watching Jon and Kate Plus 8
87. warm clothes fresh out of the dryer
88. coloring
89. no-bake cookies
92. nieces and nephews

93. cousins

94. shopping
95. my mommy
96. blogging
97. e-mails from my girls
98. dreaming about the future
99. MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!
100. that this post is done!


Christie's Endless Craze said...

100th and LONGEST blog ever! Holy moley. Congrats! I have like 30 more to go. :( Have a great day. I need to call and chat!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! I love this blog! We have quite a bit in common. I hope you and Mike are having fun this weekend!