Friday, July 18, 2008

Girly Movies

Just last week I rented a wonderful movie.

It was a great movie. I laughed and cried through the whole thing. I think it is a must for all women to see. Your significant others may or may not like it. Mike was working while I watched it and said it was ok.

Another bonus was getting to see Jeffery Dean Morgan. Isn't he just wonderful to look at? I hated when he died on Grey's Anatomy.
Watching this movie made me think of other love stories that I love. Here are a few of the many I call my favorites.

What are your favorite love stories?


Laura said...

Hey there! Glad you had time to watch a girly movie!! I watched this a few weekends ago...Justin was gone fishing (he would NOT have liked it) and Barrett was napping. I must say I didn't care for it. I LOVE Jeffery Dean, so that did make it better :) Jenn and I agreed that it would have been LOTS better with a different female lead. What do you think? Are you a Hillary fan? I like her in some things, but not this one.

Well, have a great weekend. I've been eyeing "27 dresses" on OnDemand, so maybe I'll have time for it this weekend :)

Regan said...

oh I LOVE the brinses bride