Sunday, July 6, 2008


Meet Emme. Emme is Hadley's best friend. My mom bought her for Hadley. At first she wasn't very interested in Emme but times have changed.
Earlier this week I decided to wash Emme. I wasn't really thinking and at naptime Emme was shocking wet. So I put Hadley down for a nap and gave her a stuffed animal to love. She promptly thru that stuffed animal out of the crib and looked at me like I was crazy. I went and got Emme out of the dryer, she was still a little damp. Naptime was great after Emme was there.
After this I went right to the computer and ordered an extra Emme so we never have a problem again.
Here is a video from February of Hadley and Emme.

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Regan said...

tht is adorible!