Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Letter to Auntie Jessica #2

Here is my response to a letter from my Auntie Jessica.

Dearest Favorite most beautiful Auntie Jessica,

Thanks for your quick response to my first letter. I have been thinking and talking to my mom and here are my thoughts. (We discussed this while I was up from 12am-3:30am this morning)

I know that I used to do a lot of this:

But things have changed around these parts since this big day:

I also think that it would make Grandlady do this if you came back:

She might even sit on the porch like this until you get there

If you can't fly then mom and I think we could send you the money for one of these

You could hook it on the back of Uncle Matt's bike. I saw this picture and know he can go fast.

You could even bring this cute little guy that I have never met.

Now really how can you say no to this

I love you Auntie Jessica even if you can't make it I will understand.


Just me.....Shelly said...

cute! that girl is ADORABLE...seriously, I could just eat her up!! How could anyone say no??

Anonymous said...

You make me sound like some....never mind I guess I am!! Mother to some wonderful chickies. Love you The Mom