Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

The week before Christmas Jill invited us over to make Christmas ornaments.  We bent pipe cleaner into different shapes and put hooks on them.  Then we hung them on pencils into jars full of hot water and Borax mixed together.  They eventually were covered in crystals and turned out really neat.
 Time to shape the pipe cleaners.
Peter wasn't to sure about all of my picture taking.

 Jillian watching the big kids.

 Harry getting it all figured out.
 Time to hang them and add the borax.

 Here they are soaking in the water and borax.
 Caroline was just taking all the action in.
 Then my girls had to check Caroline out.

 And now for the finished product.

These turned out really neat.  The crystals are huge.  Thanks Jill and crew for having us over.

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