Sunday, December 5, 2010

Freaky Head Ella

We have a new friend at our house.  Her name is Freaky Head Ella and she came from Aunt Lisa.  Lisa is a cosmetologist and gave Hadley the doll head from one her classes.  Hadley named her Ella but then heard me say she was freaky and now calls her Freaky Head Ella.  Hadley also got a hair styling kit to go with Ella.  At one point Hadley said, "best present ever."  She can now do somebody's hair anytime she wants and my scalp is getting saved in the process.  I will say that I have to make sure Ella is not looking right at Hadley when she is put away at night.  I do not want to hear a scream in the middle of the night :)  Ella got quite a few laughs at each place we took her in Kansas.  The funniest part is when Hadley starts to tell someone about Freaky Head Ella and I have to explain that we have a doll head.

Here is Freaky Head Ella

Time to do her hair.


Christie's Endless Craze said...

That really is disturbing...

Krista said...

You will have to be sure Freaky Head Ella is not anywhere in your house when I come to visit. She is too freaky for me!!!