Friday, December 3, 2010


For Thanksgiving we traveled to Kansas and we were able to get in 3 Thanksgiving meals over the 3 days we were there.  We waited to travel up on Thanksgiving morning to give us one more night in our own beds.  My kiddos do not sleep well when traveling.  We headed to my dad and Terry's for our first Thanksgiving. We had a delicious lunch and got to see a lot of family.
Here is Hadley modeling her Native American dress for her Thanksgiving Feast at school.  Each class made their own costumes.  Hadley's teachers used pillowcases for the dresses.  I thought it was a cute idea.
 Turkey crafts at home to take to Kansas with us.

 My two turkey waiting to eat.
 Grandpa and Aunt Janet
 Jillian loves her food.
 Hadley giving me a good smile.
On Thanksgiving night we headed to Mike's sister's to have Thanksgiving with his family.  It was a fun time.  Aunt Lisa had gingerbread cookies for the girls to decorate since we won't see them at Christmas.  The girls even got to open their first presents of the Christmas season.

Jillian and Uncle Mark
 Snowman dessert
 Granny and her girls
 All of the girls
 Time to decorate cookies

 Hadley and her new hair styling kit (more to come on that in another post).
 Jillian and her new train.
We spent Friday relaxing, shopping and visiting some friends but I have no pictures to show it.  On Sunday we headed to my mom and stepdad's for another Thanksgiving and then headed home that night.  We had another delicious meal and a great time catching up with more family.  I only got a few pictures.

Ethan doing a puzzle.
 Eryn and one of her birthday presents.  Her actual birthday was Thanksgiving day this year.
 Jillian and her Uncle J.  If Uncle J is around she only wants him.
 Drew and Kayla (funny thing, all of the pictures I have of Drew are on this couch, must be the only place he sits at my mom's house).
 Avery and Kyle
We had a great Thanksgiving and are very thankful that we got to see so many family members.

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