Monday, June 20, 2011


This weekend was a girls and Mommy weekend.  Mike spent the weekend with some friends at the Mid America Ford Meet.  The girls and I kept busy all weekend. On Saturday we started the morning with donuts and then on to haircuts for the girls.  After the girls were looking beautiful we ran a few errands.  Hadley has already out grown her swimsuit this summer so we had to find her a couple of new ones.  Especially since swim lessons started today and are Monday through Thursday for the next 4 weeks.  Hadley loved getting to pick out her own swimsuit at Old Navy and in true diva style could not decide between two, so she got both of them.  We couldn't leave Jillian out so we bought her one for next year.  After a few more errands and lunch we headed home for nap and rest time.  When the girls got up we headed to the splash pad.  They had been talking about it all day.  They had a blast.

These pictures make it look like the girls were the only ones at the splash pad.  That was not the case, it was packed!  Luckily they had a bench in the shade for me to sit and watch the girls have a great time.  After the splash pad we headed home for some pizza, bath, and bedtime.
Sunday was another busy day.  We started the day by telling Mike what a wonderful father he is.  The girls and I headed to church and Mike headed back to the car show.  Afternoon was rest time and then the girls and I headed to Vacation Bible School and that is where we will be for the rest of the week.  It is going to be a busy week!

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