Saturday, June 18, 2011

Princess Camp

Hadley attended Princess Camp this week.  It was a ballet/princess camp.  They danced and did a craft each day.  She loved it.  She wore her leotard a few days and her Ariel dress a couple of days.  On the last day they invited the moms for a tea party.  Hadley told me that there would be a princess there but Ms. Casey said it was a surprise and she couldn't tell the princess' name.  Hadley was pretty sure it was going to be Ariel or Aurora (her favorites).  The princess was Belle and she was very excited to see a "real" princess.  All of the girls were very curious about whether Belle was real and where she lived.  I wanted Hadley to get a picture with Belle but she was very shy.  She finally decided she would take a picture with her friends. 

Princess Ariel and her adorable sister Jillian.

 Jillian wanted to be a princess too.
 Me and my princesses.
 The girls listening to Princess Belle sing a song her friend Cinderella taught her.

 Taking the princess oath.

 Princess Belle, Olivia, Reagan, Hadley and Tessa.
 Hadley and Ms. Casey her ballet/tap teacher.

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laura mcpherson said...

This camp was right up Hadley's alley!!! Both of the girls make beautiful princesses!!