Monday, June 6, 2011

Kansas Trip Days 1 and 2

We started our Memorial Day weekend a couple of days early and headed to Kansas.  The girls and I left Thursday morning and headed to my Mom and Mark's for the day.  We picked Mom up as soon as we got to town and took her out to lunch.  Then we headed to the park for some play time.  Audra, Lydia, and Caroline joined us at the park.

After the park we headed to my Dad and Terry's where we would be staying for the week.  We enjoyed a fun dinner with Dad, Terry, Cammie, Brennen and Brylee.  Mike drove up that night after work.  The next day we headed to Winfield to have the girls' pictures taken by Laura.  The girls did a great job.  Hadley was telling Jillian how to pose, it was very cute.  When we got done with pictures we headed over to Mom's to wait for Jessica and Sophia to get there.  While we waited Jillian enjoyed a few books.
The girls, Ethan and Papa watching Thomas the Train on the computer.
As soon as Auntie Jessica arrived my girls wanted little to do with me.
I can't get enough of Ethan's blue eyes.
After lunch Jessica and I went with my dad and Grandpa to decorate Grandma's grave.  I remember many Memorial Days of going with Grandma to decorate graves so it was nice to go decorate her grave. 
We went with Dad to take Grandpa home and had to go in and see his new ride.  We call it his candy apple red ride :)  He is a speed demon!
Next up was dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, The Triangle.  Here are the girls ready to go.
After dinner we had to take pictures outside like we always do.
Next up race day.

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