Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend with friends

This last weekend I was able to get away for a weekend with my best friends.  We try and get away without kids once a year.  We met in Wichita for a weekend of fun.  We did a lot of shopping, talking and eating.  We also managed to fit in a movie and a little sleep.  I did not take very many pictures on this trip. 
Laura and Megan on the ride into Wichita.
 Christie, Laura, Audra and Megan after we ate at P.F. Chang's.
 Christie took the next picture so we had proof I was there :)
Audra and Christie at Il Vicino (I said we ate all the time and I meant it).
 Laura and Megan
 Megan and me.
 This was the back of Audra's car when we were ready to head back to Winfield.  This is just the stuff for 4 of us, Christie had all of her stuff in her car.  We might have helped the Wichita economy.
 A group shot before we parted ways.  I am so thankful to have these girls in my life.  We have been through everything together and pick up right where we left off when we get together.  I had a great weekend and can't wait until we are all together again.
 While I was away, Mike and his mom were keeping Hadley and Jillian entertained.  From the pictures Mike took I would say they had a lot of fun as well!

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