Monday, June 13, 2011

Conclusion of Kansas Trip

This is the last post of our Kansas trip and it is going to be a long one.  Be prepared for a lot of pictures.
 We spent Memorial Day at my Dad and Terry's house.  Our plan was to spend the day in the pool but that changed with the crazy wind.  I thought that Hadley and Jillian might blow away out there.  We did swim for a little bit.  Here are the girls, ready to go out.
Mommy and Hadley
Time to swim.

After swimming it was time for lunch.  Here are the girls posing before lunch.  Hadley is in a stage where she is either smiling huge for the picture or making the saddest face she can.
Next up was nap and quiet time.  The big kids got to watch Tom & Jerry for quiet time.
I got to cuddle with Sophia.
When the girls got up it was time to play.

On Tuesday we had a play date at the park with my friends and their kids.  Lady, Jessica and Sophia came along too.  It was a fun time!  Lady spent a lot of time swinging kiddos.

Poor Barrett was the only boy.

We had a picnic there for lunch.  They have kiddie sized picnic tables.  Sophia, Hadley, Jillian and Lydia are ready for some food.
 Barret is trying to decide if it is ok to sit with all those girls.
 Caroline is ready to eat.
 Mom and Jessica
 Jillian with her kids meal prize on her head.
 After playing at the park we headed back to Lady's house to play and nap.
 On Wednesday we were back at Mom's for the day.  Mom fixed a wonderful taco dinner for us.  It was delicious.  Granny, Grandpa, my cousins Avery and Abby and Abby's daughter Kira all joined us.  The girls got right to dressing up.

 Jessica, Cammie, Abby, Avery, me and Jillian
 Can you tell these two are mother and daughter?
 Cousins all dressed up!  What I love about this picture is I remember dressing up with my cousins at my Grandma Barrick's house.

 Thursday was the day we headed home.  We took all the kiddos out to see Grandpa before we left.  Here is Grandpa with some of his great grandchildren.
 Me and Grandpa.
 Grandpa Kent and all of his grandkids.
 Auntie Jessica and the kiddos.
 We went back to mom's for lunch before we left.  Lady and the kids put on a concert before we left.
 This last picture sums up what my girls do when they see Sophia (Phi-Phi as the call her).  The love to hug and baby her.  You can tell in the picture that she likes her personal space.   I love that my girls feel so close to her even though we live so far away from each other.
It was a great trip to Kansas!

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Jessica B said...

That last picture still makes me laugh. Sophia is so funny about her personal space. :)