Monday, August 30, 2010

Visit from Lady!

Last Wednesday we were lucky to have Lady come and visit for a few days.  Hadley was so excited when I told her that she kept asking me to show her on the calendar when Lady was coming.  We had a great time with Lady.
Lady and her girls going for a walk.
Lady brought a new book for Hadley and she put it right to work.
Then Hadley had to show Lady how she can play on the computer now.
Next up cuddle time for Jillian and Lady.
Jillian saying,"Cheeeeezzzz."
Jillian has been saying potty and running to the bathroom.  I decided to let her try it out.  Nothing happened but it was cute.
We spent one afternoon playing outside.
Thanks Lady for coming to visit.  We miss you already!  We love you.

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grandlady mom said...

I had a great time and I'm ready for you to come this weekend so I can have more cuddle time. Thanks for everything. See you soon. Love you