Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New shoes

In the past week I have realized that both girls have grown out of their shoes.  This is just a couple weeks after coming to the conclusion that Hadley had grown out of all of her swimsuits and summer clothes.  These girls are growing like crazy.  We found Jillian some new tennis shoes and did a little photo shoot one morning.

Photo shoots are always fun at our house.


laura mcpherson said...

Those are the cutest shoes! I need to find some new tennis shoes for Barrett! I still can't get over how grown-up Jillian is looking! Every time you post a picture, I want to cry ;( She looks so tall next to Hadley, and SOOO much like her Mama! I'm a sap!

Jessica B said...

Jenni was over last night and said she couldn't believe how much Jillian looks like her mama. She is your little twin. And Laura is right, she looks so grown up these days. I can't wait to get her together with Sophia in a few weeks!