Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trying to stay cool

On Sunday when I saw the weather it showed above 100 degrees everyday.  I then worried that it would be a long week inside.  Instead we have tried to do things outside before it gets hot or something that involves water.  On Tuesday we rode trikes and scooters outside in the morning and snacked on popsicles.  On Tuesday afternoon we headed to the pool.  This was our last trip because they are closing for the summer :(  And today we headed to the splash park for some fun. It was hot, but fun.  It was hard to get great pictures because the girls were on the move the entire time.  I think we will head back next week since the pool is closed.

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laura mcpherson said...

That looks like fun, and at least they have a little shade there! Jillian's little suit is so cute!!