Friday, August 6, 2010

Always remember...

Here are a few things that I want to always remember about Hadley at this age (3 years 3 months).
  • She loves to talk!  She wakes up talking and doesn't stop until she is asleep.  It is so fun to listen to her when she is in a room alone and using her "magination".
  • She loves to sing songs and loves to make up songs.
  •  She loves books and reads all the time.
  • Before going to bed she must have her "blankly", froggy, mommy shirt "blankly", and Emme.
  • Before Mike leaves for work she must tell him her "things", they are, stop at red light, go on green light, wear your seat belt, beep your horn if anyone is in your way and don't fight with your friends.  It is very cute.
  • She keeps asking if Jillian is a baby.  When I tell her no she is a toddler she says, " I will call her a baby because I want a baby in the family."
  • She is convinced we need another baby in the family and asks at lease once a day how old Jillian has to be for us to have another baby.  She also thinks we will have a boy and name him Zap.
  • She does not leave her room in the morning or after nap without a necklace and headband on.
  • She loves sticker earrings and wears them almost all the time.
  • She is rarely seen in the house without her dress-up shoes on.
  • She loves to ask questions!
  • She has a very specific bedtime routine it is: read a story, turn on 3 night lights, sing 3 songs, and have a story told to her.
She is an amazing little girl, who may be challenging at times but she lights up my life.


Christie's Endless Craze said...

Awe. Such a sweet post. I agree... You need a Zap in your life :)

grandlady mom said...

Mine too! You didn't mention her bedtime routine, three books,turns on three night lights, three songs Twinkle Twinkle,Jesus Loves Me, ABCs, and last but not least a made up story! Now I'm ready for bed. Love it.