Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We have had a busy and fun Labor Day weekend.  We headed to Kansas on Friday night.  On Saturday the girls stayed with Lady while Mike and I headed to the first K-State game of the season.  We had a great time and loved that the Wildcats started the season with a win.
Here we are before we left for the game.
Our niece Megan is a freshman at K-State this year.  We took her to lunch and she walked to the game with us.
We hope she enjoys K-State as much as we did.  We also got to meet up with friends before the game but I didn't have my camera with me.  While we were at the game the girls were busy with Lady.  They went to the park, made jewelry, played with Brylee and Brennen, and had a great time.
On Sunday we headed to Grandpa Kent and Grandma Terry's house to celebrate Grandpa Kent's birthday.  The water in the pool was very cold so our swimming was quick.  Granny and Aunt Lisa came to spend time with us as well.
Auntie Cammie brought the girls some new hats.  Jillian loved hers and Uncle J got to wear Hadley's.
Grandpa opening his birthday cards.
Jillian and Grandma Terry.
Brennen having some fun outside.
Granny getting some love from Jillian.
Aunt Lisa hanging by the pool.
When the camera comes out this is Jillian's face.
We headed home late Sunday night so we could have a day to get back in our routine before Hadley starts school.  Her first day is tomorrow.  To celebrate school starting Hadley and I went to get pedicures today.  Hadley loved it!
I will be back tomorrow with first day of school pictures tomorrow.

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Jessica B said...

Love the pictures of Hadley getting a pedicure. I can't believe she is starting preschool tomorrow!!! Tell her that her Auntie Jessica wishes her a wonderful first day at school.