Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bull riding

This past weekend while Mike and I went to the K-State game, Hadley and Jillian stayed with my dad and Terry.  They got to go to the zoo and do all the things that only Grandparents let them do.  When we got back on Saturday night they were down in the basement watching PBR bull riding with Grandma and Grandpa.  My dad and Terry are big PBR fans and go watch in many different places throughout the year.  When I got downstairs I could see Hadley in the beanbag chair with her hand in the air and she was bucking back and forth.  This was her riding a bull.  Jillian was even getting in on the bull riding.  It was quite a site.  I didn't have my camera with me :(
On Sunday we got home and Mike turned the tv on to watch football.  Hadley asked if she could watch bull riding.  He of course said no (nothing comes between Mike and his football).  A little while later Grandpa and Grandma called to remind Hadley that bull riding was on at 7.  Hadley sweet talked her dad into letting her watch a little.  Here she is riding her bull/ladybug.

Of course I don't think most bull riders wear dresses and wedding veils.


laura mcpherson said...

That is hilarious! She's the cutest bull rider I've seen :) She might start a new trend with the dress and veil!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa says ride that bull Hadley...we had a good time with the girls this last weekend and look forward to having them again next week.