Thursday, September 23, 2010

The rest of our weekend

On Saturday my sister headed to a wedding in Edmond.  This was what the girls were doing when she left.
I was in bed off and on all day on Saturday so Mike and Lady had to hold down the fort.  It was a game day, and at our house we all wear purple on game day, even our guests.
Hadley was more interested in the wedding that Auntie Jessica was at, so she chose a wedding veil for her game day attire.
The little girls wanted to get in on the dress up too.
Here is a picture of Jessica and her friend Jamie.
The day ended with a bath for the little girls.
We loved having family visit.  Thanks Mom and Jessica for all your extra help while I was under the weather.  I love that Hadley and Jillian have cousins so close to their age.  It will be fun to see them all grow up.  Now if we can just talk Uncle Matt and Auntie Jessica to move a little closer :)

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