Sunday, September 2, 2012

Everyday life

Now that I am kind of getting back into the blogging groove I have been taking more pictures.  We haven't been doing too many exciting things.  We have been getting used to our new school schedule and just trying to relax on the weekends.  Only a few more weekends of relaxing and then it will be time to move.  We are excited to be closing on our new house on September 28th.  I will hopefully be back with new pictures from the house soon.  Until then here are a few pictures of our time at home.

Trenton is beginning to like his play mat.
The girls love to play school.  All the papers are for their students.  Hadley is usually the teacher and Jillian is the student named Hadley.  Can we tell who is in charge?

A half smile from Little T.
Jillian decided to read Trenton a princess story.

Coloring is a favorite activity at our house.

Hadley is a huge help with Trenton.  Many times she is able to hold him while I get a few things done.  This time she even managed to rock him to sleep.
 This is a common sight at our house on the weekend.   I think these boys love their cuddle time.
 This sums up how Jillian felt on Friday and Saturday this weekend.  Being back at school gave her some yucky germs and she got a cold.  Good news is she is feeling better.
 And this one was full of energy this weekend.  She is loving school and even got to get a reward from the principal for being a big helper.  We are so proud of her.
 This picture and their outfits say a lot about their personalities.
 The girls managed to have a little time before church to play school.  This picture was right after I found Hadley posing Jillian against the wall like she was on the cross.  Hadley was nailing her hands to the cross.  Nothing like acting out the Bible. 
Speaking of Bible, we love the "Storybook Bible."  The girls many times use it and a microphone to preach.  The other day Jillian brought it to me open to the story of Jonah and the whale.  She said, "Mom, Jonah was in the whale because he didn't listen to God.  And the whale spit him out."  I asked her who helped Jonah get out of the whale and she said, "the whale's spit did mom."  I had to laugh and then talk about how Jonah prayed to God for help.
 While the girls were playing school Trenton had time for a nap before church.
 Here is the little man ready for church.  This is one of my favorite outfits he has.  My friend Jill got it for him.
 Sunday afternoon supervising of the girls doing a little painting.

That is about all we have been doing around here.  We are ready to move and have a backyard to go play in and a place to ride bikes.  First it needs to cool back down a little.


Jessica B said...

Does the picture of Hadley and Jillian standing together remind you of any other sisters? :)

Amber said...

Yes Jessica. It reminds me of the picture from Halloween of you in the cheerleading outfit and me in the football uniform.