Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The last two weekends we have been lucky and had visitors.  Two weeks ago Mike's mom came for the weekend.  She was able to see Hadley play soccer, tour the house, play with the kiddos and be at our 100 year celebration at church.  It was a busy weekend. 

 Last weekend my mom came to visit.  It was her birthday on Sunday the 23rd.  We are so glad she came to celebrate it with us.  We tried our best to pamper her all weekend. The girls decorated a door for her.

When she got here we took her out for frozen yogurt.  Saturday she got to watch Hadley play soccer, tour the new house, get a pedicure, take a nap and watch K-State beat OU.   She even managed to read a few chapters of Charlotte's Web to the girls while they ate snack.

 Sunday we took her to church and Sunday school.  Then it was home to celebrate with cake.

We hope she had a great birthday.  The next time we have visitors will be when we are moving!!!

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laura mcpherson said...

Happy Birthday, Lady!! Love your K-state wear :)
Can I come visit on my birthday and get pampered like that too?!?!