Wednesday, September 26, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I took Hadley and Jillian in for eye checkups.  This was their first time at the eye doctor and boy am I glad we went.  I really scheduled the appointment for Hadley since she is in "big school" now.  I decided to go ahead and have Jillian's eyes checked because we were there.  Good thing because that cutie couldn't see very well and needed glasses.  She was so excited.  Hadley was a little disappointed because she wanted glasses.  Jillian picked her glasses out and spent the next week asking over and over again if we could pick them up yet.  She was so excited when I picked her up at school and told her we were going to get them.  She started singing, "It's glasses time."  She loves them and wears them like a champ.  We have made a few trips to the eye doctor for repairs.  I am sure they will know us well.
Here she is reading a book.

Modeling her glasses.

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