Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Royal wedding, Granny visit and tumbling

 2 weeks ago when Prince William and Princess Kate got married I had one very happy girl.  Hadley was all about the royal wedding.  We had not talked about it at all before that day.  When she got up that morning I had it on and she was instantly glued to the tv.  She thought it was so neat that there were real princesses.  She started asking questions and did not stop all day.  She wanted to know how you become a "real" princess.  When I explained that we did not have "real" princesses in the United States she said she was moving over there (meaning England).  She also wanted to look at Mike and my wedding pictures.  After doing that she informed me that she would be wearing my dress, tiara and veil at her wedding.  She also told me she would not be wearing flip flops like I did but she would wear shoes like the princess.  I decided to go up on the attic and get my veil and tiara for her to wear.
 She now has a picture of William and Kate hanging in her room and loves to look at the People magazine with their wedding pictures.  She is a princess for sure :)  That weekend Mike's mom came to visit and Hadley made sure that they watched the wedding together and talked and played all things princess.  They also got in a little time playing doctor before heading to a soccer game.

 After soccer, lunch and naps it was time for Hadley's tumbling performance.  We took some pictures before we left.

 Hadley wanted a goofy picture.

 Is this little one cute or what?
 Here is Hadley at tumbling.  She did a great job and has improved a great deal over the year.
 Jillian wanted to get in on the tumbling action.

 Doesn't this look like a comfortable position?

 After tumbling we went out for dinner.  The girls and granny went home and Mike and I got to go on a date.  It was nice to have a date with my hubby.  Sunday morning Granny had to head back home.  We took a few pictures before church.  We got one good picture and quite a few goofy ones.

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