Monday, May 9, 2011

5 kids

 A couple of weeks ago Mike and I got to see what is was like to have 5 kids.  It was fun but something tells me it would be a little different if all 5 were our own.  Peter, Harry, and Caroline came to stay for a couple of hours while Philip and Jill were at a meeting.  It was a beautiful night out so we spent most of it outside.  Hadley was gone for part of it at soccer and was a little upset that we had played outside without her.  So we went back out after dinner.  We did a lot of bike/trike/scooter riding.



 Caroline enjoyed watching all the "big" kids from her stroller or in my arms :)  I loved getting my baby fix.

 Jillian had to come check out who had all of her mommy's attention.
 After we were done with bikes and while I was getting dinner ready I set them free with water and paint brushes.  This is an activity that would keep kids busy forever.

 Hadley wanted to get her baby fix too.

It was a fun evening!

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