Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hadley's Birthday

I am finally getting around to posting about Hadley's birthday.  Life has been busy.
Hadley woke up on her birthday and headed to our room like any other morning.  When she passed through the living room she caught a glimpse of her new bike.  She came running into our room and was very excited.  We did manage to get her to cuddle in bed with us before we took the bike for a spin.  While in bed Hadley said, "Mom, I feel fourish."   Before we could start our day we needed to do something girly. All the girls got pink toenails in honor of Hadley's 4th birthday.

 After painting toenails we got dressed and ready to go have birthday donuts with daddy.  I caught a quick picture of the big 4 year old before we headed out the door.

 We couldn't leave for breakfast until she took a ride on her new bike.  She loves that she can take baby for a spin as well.
 Jillian needed to get in on the bike action.

 We then headed our for donuts with daddy and picked up donuts with pink icing to take to school for a snack.  Hadley went to school and Jillian and I ran a couple of errands and went home to wrap a few more presents.  For lunch the girls and I went to Red Robin.  We told them it was Hadley's birthday and they sang to her.  On the way home Hadley said, "Mom, I was a little nervous when they were singing to me."  She smiled big the whole time and really enjoyed the ice cream sundae they gave her.  She even willing shared some with her sister.  After lunch we went home to wait for our visitors to arrive.  My dad and Terry came down to give the girls their birthday presents and for a visit.  As soon as they walked in Hadley was begging to open some presents.

 Tuesdays are tumbling days for Hadley.  We left Jillian at home to play with Grandma and Grandpa while we went to tumbling.  It was picture day so she got to wear her performance outfit.
 After tumbling we headed back home.  The girls talked Grandma and Grandpa into bike riding before dinner.  We let Hadley pick what she wanted for dinner and she picked Buffalo Wild Wings. I think that Mike and Hadley would be fine to eat there every night.  It was a good dinner and they gave Hadley chocolate cake for her birthday.  Of course we also had cake at home so she could blow out candles.
 Grandma and Grandpa with the girls.

 After cake it was time for presents.
 On Jillian's birthday I wrapped a present for Hadley and I did the same for Jillian on Hadley's birthday.  They both got snuggies and love them.  They wanted to put them on right away.
 When Hadley went to bed that night she was one tired girl.  She had a great birthday!

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