Monday, May 16, 2011

Catch up!

This is a blog post where I catch up on all the stuff we have done in the last week or so. 
We started last week with 2 and 4 year old check-ups.  Both girls are very healthy.  The bad part of the check-up was that Hadley had to get 4 shots.  Jillian didn't have to get any this time which made the 4 Hadley got that much harder.  First let me just say that I am getting paid back for the horrible time I gave my mom when I had to get shots.  I actually remember running away from a nurse in the ER once when I needed a tetanus shot.  I think the crying about shots started for Hadley on Sunday when she overheard me tell Mike that they had check-ups on Monday.  She did great throughout the whole appointment until the nurse walked in with they syringes.  Then she went crazy.  You might think I am exaggerating but I am not.  She was like a koala bear hooked on to me and the nurse had to help me pry her off and lay her on they table.  Then each time we tried to lay her down she would pop back up.  All of this while she is screaming at the top of her lungs. While this is happening Jillian is crying because she is scared and I can't hold her.  Hadley is screaming so loud that another nurse comes in to help.  She ends up taking Jillian down the hall to calm her down.  We finally get the shots done and the screaming is over.  Now starts the whining that her legs don't work and she needs me to carry her.  At one point she asked if her daddy was going to bring her a wheel chair when he came home from work.  I didn't know if I could keep from laughing when she said that.  Her legs didn't work for a few hours and then she would forget about it for awhile.  I think she is fully recovered now :)  Good thing no more shots until Fall when it is flu shot time. I think I might pay for her Child Life Specialist aunt and uncle to come and take her to that appointment.
Later in the week the girls we able to enjoy the warm weather and play outside.  One of those days it was actually very hot and humid so we decided it was a good day for a popsicle.

On one of the days when we were out playing it started to rain.  It was a nice shower so I decided to let the girls play in it.  They thought it was great.

 On Friday the girls got a birthday box in the mail  from Auntie Jessica, Uncle Matt and Sophia.  They couldn't wait to see what was inside. Hadley got a beautiful dress-up dress.  She said, "This dress is amazing."  She actually thought it was a dress to wear all the time and was a little sad when I told her it was only for dress-up.  Jillian got the Elefun game that she loves.  She was so excited when she saw it.  She loves to play this game at Reagan's house.  She also got a paint smock and wanted to wear it to nap that day.  Thanks Auntie Jessica, Uncle Matt and Sophia for the great gifts.

 On Saturday, Hadley had her first dance recital.  She has been asking when it would be since she got her costume in February.  She couldn't wait to get all dressed up and was very excited to get to wear eye shadow and lip gloss.  Sometimes I really wonder if my sister is secretly teaching her all of this girly stuff because we all know it doesn't come from me.  My mom was here this weekend for Hadley's recital and she was telling Hadley that when I was her age all I wanted to do was wear a football helmet and play with GI Joes.  Back to the recital.  It was great.  Hadley did a wonderful job.  We were so proud of her. She got a trophy and her daddy gave her a dozen pink roses.

After the recital we went back home to get Jillian (she was at home with a babysitter).  Then we headed to lunch and it was Hadley's choice.  Of course she picked the place she always picks, Buffalo Wild Wings.  For some reason they took forever getting us our food and we ended up getting a $25 gift card to use.  After lunch we headed home for naps.  During lunch we realized that Jillian was starting to get sick and she went downhill the rest of the weekend.  Poor girl has had a horrible runny nose and awful cough.  She seemed to be getting a little better today and I hope that continues.  After Mike was done doing yard work he got busy putting the girls' new playset together.  They loved it!  We also gave Lady her Mother's Day gifts while she was here.

It was a great weekend.  Thanks Lady for coming to visit.

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Jessica B said...

I will definitely come to town to help my little girly girl with her shots next time. :)