Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Past weekend

Where do all the hours in the day go? Finding time to blog these days has been a challenge. Could be the 6 month old and 2 1/2 year old I have running around. Well, Jillian isn't running but trying her hardest to crawl. Somebody please slow her down.
Last Thursday my mom and brother came to town for the weekend. They had 2 days off of school and wanted to spend it with us. We didn't take many pictures (sorry Jess).

On Thursday evening we had family pictures and Jillian's 6-month pictures taken. Mom and Alex were a big help keeping the girls occupied while we picked out pictures. We loved them all.
Here are a few.

Jillian did not care for the flower.
But Hadley loved it.

Here is one of our family pictures. You might see it again come Christmas :)

This is our model in training and she as the attitude down.
Uncle Alex and Jillian hanging out on the couch.
Sorry no pictures of my mom. She ended up getting a bacterial infection and was sick Saturday night and Sunday. This is how Hadley felt about that.Jillian wasn't happy either but I couldn't get a sad face from her. She is all smiles the majority of the time.

On Sunday night we had a Fall Festival at church. I was in charge of pumpkin painting with the younger kiddos. It was a ton of fun.
Here are Mike and Hadley carving their pumpkin.
It was a busy and fun weekend.

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