Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pajama Sunday

Today is pajama Sunday at our house. Both girls have colds. Jillian has it the worst. She would only sleep on me while I was sitting up last night. Luckily Mike took over this morning and let me get a 2 hour nap in. I am hoping to get another one when Hadley naps.
We didn't make it to church due to the colds. Hadley was very disappointed and said, "I want to learn about God." That made my day.
Mike is under the weather as well. He has a sinus infection but started antibiotics yesterday and is on the mend. He might also be a little sick from the way our Wildcats played yesterday. It was a sad game.

Here is a picture of the girls from this morning. Please excuse the snot coming out of Jillian's nose. I am just thankful it is starting to come out.
I can't leave you with a picture of my sick kiddos so here are a couple from earlier this week.


Krista said...

I remember those days of sleeping in the recliner with a "snotty" baby on my chest. These days will pass. Cole hasn't slept on my chest lately. :)

mom-grandlady said...

You all get better soon, hang in there mommy. love you

laura mcpherson said...

Darn sickies!!! I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. Jillian looks so big sitting up on that little couch by Hadley! Barrett had a pajama Sunday too...that's what is best when you don't feel good.

Jessica B said...

They are so cute in their jammies. I'm glad to see that Hadley doesn't let a little cold get in the way of her dressing up. Hope today is a good day.