Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hair is something Hadley has never lacked in :) She was born with a full head of it. I will never forget as I was in labor and pushing the nurse said more than once, "I see a full head of dark hair."
She has been through many stages with her hair.
The Donald Trump comb over-
The bow stuck in with Caro syrup-
The top ponytail-

The little pigtails-
The longer pigtails-
The braids-She has never really put up a fight when I do her hair. It has just always been part of the morning routine. Until a couple of weeks ago. She started to hate having her hair brushed and she would pull it out the minute I got it pulled up. So on Saturday we decided it was time for a cut. We had Ms. Corrine cut off 4 inches. I think it looks cute and we may even go a little shorter next time.

I will say it makes her look a lot older. Where did my baby go?


Granny Jean said...

Cute! And,yes,it does make her look older!

Christie's Endless Craze said...

So cute! Did she like going to the salon and getting her hair done? I remember kids freaking out when my mom would "cut" their hair b/c they attribute "cut" with pain. Hope it was a good experience. It looks awesome.

Audra said...

What a beautiful young lady! She does look older (I guess my mom was right)..shhh..we won't tell her. I really like it and hope you guys do to. We should have done a hair transplant..because Lydia still doesn't have very much :( Have a great day.

laura mcpherson said...

Oh my goodness...makes me tear up a little! She looks like such a little lady with the new cut! I love it.

aleshia said...

i want hadley's gorgeous hair! she looks so pretty! i'll take that sweater and aqua shirt in a size medium too! what a sweetie-doesn't seem possible that she's so big already!

Jessica B said...

Her hair looks awesome. I can't believe that it is still that long even with four inches cut off. I love that outfit. Is that the one we picked out when I was out there? She looks adorable. I love that she is holding her doll's hand