Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had a busy and fun weekend here.
Mike spent the weekend with some friends at the Ford car show and races here in town. While he was out with the guys, the girls and I got some good Grandlady time in.
On Saturday we went to lunch at the Crusty Croissant. It was delicious.

Jillian slept through the meal.
After lunch we checked out at Whole Foods store and a toy store. Both of these were places I had been wanting to go to but not with two kiddos by myself. It was fun to have mom to help. On the way home mom and I got Sonic drinks and drove around some housing developments to let the girls sleep. My sister called during this time and we told her we were finding a house for her. A girl can dream right :)

When we got home Grandlady and Hadley decided to rest. There was a lot of playing and only a little resting.Then it was time for Hadley and I to play in the pool. Since it was 104 degrees out we let Jillian and Grandlady stay inside.Then mommy got too boring for Hadley and Grandlady and I had to switch places.
After coming in having a bath and eating dinner, Hadley decided to be "super hadley."
Today was another busy day. Grandlady cooked taco salad for lunch.

Hadley colored.
They even found time to sing and dance.

Grandlady watched Jillian while Hadley and I went to a birthday party. When we got home it was time for Grandlady to leave. This was the look on Hadley's face after Grandlady left.

She did cheer up after we headed to church this evening for a hymn sing and ice cream social. That wraps up our busy weekend. We don't have anything planned for the beginning of the week except relaxing and catching up on house work.

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Mom-Grandlady said...

You are sneaky with that camera aren't you. I had a wonderful weekend with all you girls and I'm ready to have more fun this weekend. Thanks for all the fun and my face always looks sad when I have to leave my Hadley Girl. Love you, Mom