Friday, June 26, 2009

Our day!

Today was a great day at our house. It was time after a few days of all day "terrible two" tantrums. We went grocery shopping this morning. When we were there I wore Jillian in my sling. The first thing Hadley wanted to do when we got home was wear her baby whose name is Jilli-Ruth.

After lunch Grandlady got here to spend a few days with us. Hadley got right to work keeping Grandlady busy. She even decorated her with stickers.

My mom also brought an album of pictures of me when I was a baby.

Here is one of me and my sister. We are 22 months apart. It is funny to see how we look compared to Jillian and Hadley.

Here are a few more pictures to compare.

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Krista said...

She REALLY looks like you! Have fun with the Grandlady!