Tuesday, June 2, 2009


*Warning* Lots of pictures ahead!

We have had lots of visitors at our house lately.
Last Thursday, 2 of my best friends from high school, Audra and Christie, came to visit. They also brought Audra's daughter, Lydia who is 18 months old. We had a great time together.
When they got here we went to lunch and then took the girls to the park to play.

Here are some pics of the girls playing outside.

Christie and Audra relaxing after shopping with 3 children.

Hadley gave Lydia some fashion advice.

They left on Saturday morning and we spent Saturday just relaxing. That night we went out to eat and then down to the Riverwalk for some fresh air and ice cream.

Here is a picture of the "beast", our new double stroller. I really like it but it is huge and heavy!

How do you eat chocolate ice cream when your parents are OCD and you are wearing a white shirt?

Jillian just hanging out.

On Sunday my dad and stepmom came to visit for the day.
They both got some Jillian time

and some Hadley time.

Hadley had to show them her sprinkler pad.
Sunday night Auntie Cammie, Brennen and Brylee came to stay the night before an early flight to Arizona.

We grilled hamburgers and ate outside.Nothing says summer like Popsicles.

Auntie Cammie may have found an outfit that Hadley will be wearing more than her tutu.
Thanks to everyone who came to visit. We had a great time.


Christie's Endless Craze said...

Thank you for having us! I know I had a great time. Love the new play outfit for Hadley. You better get her signed up for some dance classes.

Mom said...

We sure have some beautiful kids in this family don't we, good genes. I'm enjoying my sweetie here but I'm needing some Tulsa time too. It's time to make plans to move this family closer together. Thanks for all the great pics and give the girls some Grandlady kisses for me.
Love Mom