Saturday, June 13, 2009


On Wednesday, Hadley started singing Row Row Row Your Boat. Then she used a basket some of her toys go in and two wooden spoons as her boat and oars. Next thing I know she is using her kimono as a life jacket. (She is very imaginative these days.)
On Thrusday, I was taking diapers out of a big box and gave it to her to play with. The box then became her boat and I spent the rest of the day pushing her around the house. That night she asked daddy to put a rope on it so mommy didn't get so tired. After that Mike's imagination started to go into over drive.
Here is a picture of Hadley in her "life jacket" and the boat before daddy and Hadley changed it.

On Friday night I had my book club meeting. Mike and Hadley had a daddy/daughter date night Boy did daddy have big plans. When I left they were just getting started on their "project".
Here they are getting set up.
Hadley telling daddy what to do.
Mike continued to take pictures as the night went on.
Here is Hadley making a fashion statement and painting.
Then it was time for coloring with markers.
And her is Captain Hadley in her finished project. Doesn't she have the best dad ever!
Captain Hadley and her first mate Jillian.
Just a cute picture of the new of them I thought I would throw in. The outfit Jillian is wearing is a 6 month outfit. She is going to out grow Hadley soon.


Christie's Endless Craze said...

That is great! I can only imagine the arm workout you are getting :) Love the last picture.

Mom-Grandlady said...

What a super dad! I can't believe how big Jillian looks in her bumbo, slow down girl. Have a peaceful Sunday. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Love the boat!!! Good job Mike and Hadley.

Laura said...

What a great post! The boat is too cute. We LOVE turning boxes into crative things around here too :)

I can't believe how big Jillian is! WOW! That a girl!