Thursday, August 2, 2012

Visit from family

During July we had an apartment full of visitors.  Lady came back and she brought Auntie Jessica, Uncle Matt, Sophia, Will, Uncle Jordan, Auntie Cammie, Brennen and Brylee.  It was so much fun to have everyone here.  The girls were in heaven with all of their cousins.  I loved getting to meet my newest nephew Will.
On Saturday the crew went to the aquarium.  Jessica and I stayed home with the babies.  Here are the pictures from the aquarium(thanks mom for taking these).

While they were at the aquarium I got to love on this chunk! 
I think Will loves his mommy.
This is what the mommy of an almost 2 week old, recovering from mastitis looks like.
I wish we lived closer to my sister so I could love on Will more and Sophia too.
The youngest boy cousins.  Will was 11 weeks and Trenton was 11 days.  We could not stop laughing about the size difference.  My girls keep asking when Trenton will be a chunk like Will.
Auntie Cammie loving on Will.
Jillian loved playing on the IPad.  I love how her legs are crossed.

Auntie Cammie and Trenton, I think Cammie enjoyed getting her baby fix.
Hadley loved feeding Will.
The boys hanging out.

Auntie Jessica and Trenton.
Jessica got all of the girls Hello Kitty shirts with their team on them.  Here are the Kansas teams.
Then we added in Tennessee.
Just because we had boys doesn't mean we can't do matching outfits :)
Hadley loves babies and would hold them all day long if she could (as long as they don't cry).

Lady loved having the grandkids together.
Some father and son bonding.  I still can't believe we have a son.  I love knowing that Mike will have another male to understand what living with 3 girls is like.
Sisters, I know I say it all the time but I wish we lived closer.  We talk almost everyday but it would be better if we could see each other.  We didn't always get along growing up but now I am proud to say that my sister is my best friend!
Just in case you didn't get enough pictures of the babies.

The girls love having Lady read to them.
Auntie Jessica gave all the girls manicures and pedicures.

It was so much fun to have everyone together and I can't wait until we can do it again.

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