Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jillian's First Day of School

Jillian started school last Thursday.  She is going to a new school this year at a Methodist church.  She was very excited for school to start.  And even more excited that she got to take her lunch and have a napmat to rest on.  We dropped Hadley off at school and then had about an hour to kill before her school started.  I think this was the longest hour of her life.  She was getting so mad that we couldn't go right to her school.  When we pulled up to school she said, "Mom you don't need to walk me in, I know where I am going."  I don't think so little girl.  I am not ready for that.  When we got to her classroom she walked right in and didn't even say goodbye.  Her teacher had to tell her to come give me a hug so I would have a good day.  What a big girl she is becoming.
Mike tries to go on the first day of school every year but couldn't this day.  He called that afternoon and said he would pick Jillian up.  I thought she would be so excited.  When he got there she started crying and wanted mommy to pick her up.  Ms. LaVon said these were her first tears of the day.  She was better when she found out she got to go to daddy's work and then to the new house. 
Jillian had a great first day of school and was sad to know she couldn't go back on Friday.  She will be going on Tuesdays and Thursday.  She loves that she has another Jillian in her class.  She said her favorite part was lunch and playing outside.

Here she is with Ms. LaVon.
 Getting ready to go.

 Outside of school

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