Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time to catch up in pictures

In order to get caught up a little faster I am just going to do one blog post with a variety of pictures.  I wish I could find more time in the day to take pictures and blog.  Unfortunately I have a fussy little guy on my hands and two girls that deserve my full attention whenever I can put brother down.  So here we go.

One weekend in July, Grandma Terry and Grandpa Kent came to meet Trenton and spend sometime with the girls.  I only have two pictures because I was holding Trenton most of the visit (Little man is quite the momma's boy and usually cries unless I am holding him, reminds me of a little girl named Hadley).  The girls were very excited for Grandma and Grandpa to come because they got to go to the Kiddie Park with them and stay at the hotel with them.  They had a great time and Mommy and Daddy got a little extra rest.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa.

We were so excited for more visitors in July.  Megan, Brent, Norah Kate and Callum came to visit.  They were here for a mini family vacation and spent an afternoon and evening with us.  The kids had a great time and of course I loved getting to catch up with Megan and Brent.  We were brave and went out to eat with 5 kiddos and they all did great!
Megan loving on Trenton.
 Snack time for the kiddos.
 Callum is such a cutie.
 Girl time (Hadley is in a dress-up dress and scarf)

Thanks Megan and Brent for coming to visit.  Hadley and Jillian want to know when you are coming back to take them to Chucky Cheese :)

 The rest of the pictures are just random pictures of our days at home.  It has been so hot that we have been staying inside as much as possible.  My girls are usually begging to go outside and lately if I say we have to go somewhere they start to complain about how hot it will be going to the car.  We are hoping Fall gets here soon.
Trenton loving on his "Mr. G".
 Hadley did a little self decorating with stickers.  On a side note, I am having a really hard time with the fast that this girl is starting kindergarten.  I can't believe she will be gone all day.  I am going to miss having her by my side all the time.  I know she will do great and have a great time but I will miss her.
 Trenton has finally decided he likes the swing a little bit.
 Mr. Serious

 I love this little girl. 
 This morning I decided to get a picture of the kids before church.  It did not go so well.

I think I am all caught up except for Trenton's one month post.  Here is hoping I can stay caught up.

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