Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend with Lady

 The first full weekend in January, Mike and I made a trip to Texas to watch our Wildcats in the Cotton Bowl.  The trip was fun and a little crazy.  Unfortunately the Wildcats lost but we got some time away, good food, loved seeing Cowboy stadium and a free night at the hotel (did you know that hotel overbook and can bump you to another hotel???). 
My mom came and stayed with the girls while we were gone.  I think they all had a good time.  Jillian got some one on one time with Lady while Hadley was at school and she got to show Lady her tumbling class.

 The weather was beautiful so they spent the afternoon enjoy it.

 Lady brought K-State noodles to have for dinner on game night.

 Next up some fun in the bathtub.
 On Saturday Hadley had her first basketball game.  Mike and I were bummed to miss it but we know there will be many more games to come.
Here is the star ready to go.
 And her biggest cheerleader.
 The girls loved their Lady time and mommy and daddy loved their night away.  Thanks Lady!

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