Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas in Kansas Day 2

I guess since it is almost mid-January I should finish posting about our trip to Kansas for Christmas.  On Monday we got up and headed over to visit my Grandpa.  We got there at the same time as my sister and family were pulling up.  We had not seen each other since May so we were very excited.  When Jillian saw Sophia she said, "My Phia I want to give her a hug."  They had a great time with each other and made me wish even more that we lived closer together.

Jillian, Hadley and Sophia
Grandma and Grandpa with some of their girls.
When I tell my girls that we are going to visit Grandpa Great the first thing they ask is if we can play coasters.  They dump the coasters out of the container and try to throw them back in.  The last time we were there this kept them and Grandpa Great busy for a good 30 minutes.  They had to let Sophia in on the fun right away.

While we were are Grandpa's we also got to see my Aunt Ellen, Cousin Carrie and her baby Benton, Cousin Chris and his girlfriend Maria.  Grandpa took us all out for pizza.  It was fun to all be together.  I think I usually get to see Chris about once every couple of years.  We are only 5 months apart and were pretty close when we were little.  We even got called twins a time or two.  Kind of reminds me of Jillian and Sophia.

The cousins and Grandpa (notice that Grandpa cheers for the right team)
The little girls wanted their picture taken too.  They were all about to breakdown at this point it was rest time for sure!
After lunch we headed to my Mom and Mark's to celebrate Christmas.  It was a house full and lots of fun.  All the cousins hadn't been together since last Christmas and they were glad to see each other.

Sophia and Jillian loving on each other.
Some of the cousins
Time for our annual sibling picture.  We had a hard time deciding which camera to look at.  I think Jess and I better look into our belly issue :)
Little Alex (who just turned 18) and Loryn
Mike and me

Jessica and Matt (poor Matt, Jess made me take this picture about 10 times)
Cammie and Jordan
The piano didn't get much quiet time will all of the little kids around.  I think Sophia played the most.
Brennen doing some Lego work.  I hadn't seen Brennen since June and I was so amazed at how much he had grown up in such a short time.
Brylee and Jillian playing their "games".
Time for some princess dress-up.  No matter what dress-up clothes are around they always end up as princesses.

Granny and Grandpa
And we ended the night with some Lady love.

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