Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas in Kansas Day 3

Could I be more behind?  Yes probably but sheesh, still blogging about Christmas.  I think this will wrap up my Christmas posts and it will be full of pictures and few words.
We celebrated Christmas with my Dad and Terry on Tuesday the 27th.  We spent the day eating, playing and opening presents.  The kids once again had a great day together and I think the adults had fun too.
Jordan's family and our family stayed the week at Dad and Terry's.  The girls loved waking up and having cousins to play with.  Hadley and Brylee started the morning with some dress-up.

Grandparents and grandkids.
The Bryson family (little one coming in April)
The Kirk Family (little one coming in July)
The Sisson family
The whole gang
Kiddos and their electronics.

After some fun inside and lunch it was time to burn some energy with a trip to the park.

Back to Grandma and Grandpa's for presents and fun.

And we ended the night with four beautiful princesses.

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Theresa said...

I love the last picture of all the princesses! You look great, btw! I think you need to post sideways tummy picture!