Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big girl decisions

 A few weeks ago while Hadley was watching an episode of Scooby Doo she decided she wanted her hair cut like Velma's.  I told her that I would talk to daddy.  I really just thought that it was a one time statement and it wouldn't come up again.  I was wrong she told Mike the same thing right when he got home that night.  I gave it a week and she kept bringing it up.  I made an appointment and told her we would cut it to her shoulders and if she wanted to go shorter we could do that another time.
Here are a couple before pictures.
 On the way to the appointment I asked again to make sure she wanted it cut.  She said, "Yes mom I don't want it to hurt when we brush it anymore."  While she was getting it cut I had tears in my eyes.  There was a lot of hair on the floor.  The tears were gone when I saw the finished product.  It is so cute!  Even Daddy approves.  The best part was the next morning when we were brushing it and she said, "Mom I love it and it doesn't hurt to brush it."

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