Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zoo trip

Friday was a beautiful day here.  Mike had to make an up and back trip to Kansas so the girls and I needed something to keep us busy into the evening.  We decided to go the zoo.  We hadn't been in about a year and the girls were very excited.
Before we left I told the girls that they could take some money from their piggy banks to buy something in the gift shop. Hadley said, " No mom I want to keep my money, we can just use your money to buy me something."  I could not keep a straight face.  I finally convinced her to take some money just in case she wanted something and of course she did.  She bought a stuffed giraffe and a book.  Jillian bought a water bottle and a book.
We had a great time seeing animals, playing at the playground, eating ice cream, and riding the carousel.  We were all tired when we left.
Here are the few pictures I got while we were there.

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tif said...

love the two pics inside the train. did hadley happen to get the soft giraffe with really long arms and legs? reese got that one last year.