Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend full of fun

This last weekend was a fun and busy one.  It all started on Friday around lunch when Roiann and Audra got here from Kansas.  Jillian and Hadley were very excited to have guests and got busy playing with them right away.  Mike came home a little early that day so that Audra, Roi and I could go do a little shopping and go out for dinner.  We headed to the mall and did some shopping and then to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  Here we are waiting to be seated for dinner.
Audra and Roiann
Audra and me

Roiann and me
We had a good dinner and then did some more shopping at Kohl's and Target.  It was a great time of laughing and having fun.   This was a much needed girls night and we had so much fun.
One of the main reasons for Audra and Roiann's trip down here was the St. Patrick's Day 5K.  Audra and I had decided to run our first 5K together and Roiann came to be our cheerleader and photographer.  Saturday morning Mike took the girls out for donuts and the park while we headed to the race.  My only goal of the day was to finish and not finish last.  I really knew that I would not finish last but I wanted to finish and run the entire way.  I did finish but had to walk for about a minute.  That was after I twisted my ankle in a hole.  I had to laugh when it happened because the last thing Mike said to me as I left was,"Don't fall or break anything."  He seems to think I am clumsy.  I am happy to say I finished and beat my goal time by 4 minutes.  Audra did great and was right on her goal time!  A 5Kwas on my list of things to do and I am so glad I could do it with one of my best friends.  Thanks Audra for running with me.  And thanks to Roi for cheering us on!
Here we are before the race.
Some how Audra and I missed the memo that said wear green tutus.
Here we are after the race.  I didn't realize how red my face gets when I run.
Audra and Roiann
After the race we headed home to clean up.  Next up was pedicures, lunch and a little more shopping.  Then the girls had to head back to Kansas.  Thanks girls for an awesome weekend.  We must do it again soon.
The weekend didn't end there.  Saturday night we had our monthly dinner with our Sunday School class.  This is a night we really enjoy every month.  We drop the kids off at the church to play and we get to go to dinner with friends.  The youth help with watching the kids to earn money for camps and trips.  
On Sunday we went to church, took naps and then headed to Sesame Street Live.  The girls loved it.  They both danced and had fun.  We were 3rd row on the floor so the girls got to hug some of the characters.  I wasn't sure if they would want to.  When I took Hadley when she was 23 months old she would not go near the characters but this time both girls had no fear.  At one point the characters were doing some of their dance on the floor and Hadley was headed up to join them.  We had to stop her.  She wanted to go on stage too.  Super Grover lost his super power and couldn't fly during the show.  He kept trying to fly and then would fall down.  Jillian thought this was hilarious and squealed each time this happened.  It was a great way to end our busy weekend.

Spring break is this week so we are relaxing and enjoying not having any activities.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 5k Amber. That is a great accomplishment.
Ready to watch some KSU basketball tonight! Go CATS!!!!