Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break for Hadley.  The girls and I decided to spend part of the break in Kansas.  We had not been back since the beginning of January.   We left on Wednesday after lunch and went to Lady's house.  It was not Spring Break there yet so Lady was still working when we got there.  But Papa, Aunt Eryn and Ethan were there when we got there.  The girls and Ethan got right to work playing and running around outside.

My mom watched the girls on Wednesday night so I could go to Wichita with some friends. We went out to eat and to a kid's clothing consignment sale.  It was a great time and I was so glad to be in town to go with them.
Thursday we slept in (7:15am) and had a lazy morning.  Then we headed over to my Grandpa's for a visit and lunch.  My dad met us there but Terry had a meeting so we only got to see her for a few minutes.  It was St. Patrick's day so Grandpa had to break out the green hat.

 Thursday afternoon Audra had to take Caroline to an appointment so Lydia got to come play with us.  It was great for the girls to get the extra playtime together.  We played inside while Jillian napped and then headed to the park and enjoyed the nice weather.
Hadley and Lydia
 Hadley in princess mode.

 I loved spending a little extra time with Lydia.  She loves to ask questions and is a very sweet girl.
 On Friday morning Audra hosted a little playdate.  It was fun to have all 7 of the BFE kiddos together and also fun to get to chat with the girls.  We had cake in honor of Caroline's 1st birthday.
 Jillian really took to Lydia.
 Hadley obviously has a love for driving.  Look out world.

 I loved getting to cuddle with this cutie, Callum.
 Norah Kate and Barrett did a little cooking for us

 Lady was off that day so we spent the afternoon hanging out with her.  She introduced Hadley to the Sound of Music.  It is now one of Hadley's favorites and she loves singing the songs.  Lady even got the guitar out and played while Hadley sang.

 Friday evening we headed out to my Granny and Grandpa's house.  We had a very nice visit. 
Granny and the girls
 Grandpa Kirby and the girls.
We spent Saturday morning relaxing at my mom's.  Jillian got me up at 4:45am so Lady watched the girls while I took a mid-morning nap.  Jordan, Cammie and the kids came over for lunch (sorry no pictures).  Then it was time to pack up and head back to Oklahoma.  We had a great time but it is always nice to get home.

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Philip Maud said...

Tell Hadley that I am ready anytime she wants to watch The Sound of Music... One of my absolute favorites!!!