Sunday, March 6, 2011


Our weekend started on Friday this week.  Mike took a vacation day to spend some family time.  We had planned to go to the aquarium and then out for lunch.  That was before I woke up not feeling well.  I was so bummed to be sick.  We still went to the aquarium but I felt yucky most of the time.  I went straight to bed when we got home.
Hadley outside the aquarium being crazy.
 Daddy and Hadley taking it all in.
 They weren't very sure about touching anything.
 Daddy wasn't scared.
 How do we compare???

 Checking out the baby turtles.
 Getting brace enough to touch a shark egg.

  So instead of a fun family day Mike had to play Mr. Mom for Friday and most of Saturday.  Luckily he is really good at being Mr. Mom and the girls love spending time with daddy.  I spent all day Saturday on the couch and Mike and the girls spent the day playing at home.  We did have family movie night and watched The Little Mermaid.  Hadley spent the entire movie acting it out.  She would do everything that Ariel did.  She may be an actress when she grows up.  Jillian loves to say Ariel and loves her Ariel pajamas that Grandma and Grandpa got her for Christmas.  She really wasn't interested in the movie and climbed on daddy most of the time :)
On Sunday I woke up feeling much better.  We went to church and Sunday school and home for lunch.  After we put Jillian down for her nap a babysitter came to stay with her so we could have a Hadley date.  We took Hadley to her first movie at the theater.  We saw Tangled.  It was a very cute movie and Hadley did great.  There were only 7 people in the whole place including us.  Hadley got scared in a few spots but other than that loved it.  She especially liked the candy and Sprite. 
Here is a funny from our drive home.  If you don't know the story of Rapunzel she is a princess that is kidnapped and raised by an evil woman.  They call her the lost princess in the movie.  On the way home Hadley said, "Mom am I a lost princess?" I of course started to stay no but daddy wanted to see if he could get her going.  She finally said that she came from my tummy and was not a lost princess.  I am sure we will being acting out Rapunzel for the next couple of weeks.
A few pictures before the movie started.

The weekend did not go as planned but we still made it fun.  Now time to start a busy week ending with some good friends coming and my first 5K.

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laura mcpherson said...

Looks like a fun family weekend!! Hadley is so sweet in the movie pictures. What a fun date for her and her parents :) I can't wait for Barrett's first movie!

Sorry I won't get to see you this weekend. I'm very bummed!