Thursday, November 4, 2010

KSU Game

Last Saturday was homecoming at K-State.  Mike and I thought it would be a good game to take the girls and my mom to.  This was Hadley's first time at a game.  Jillian went to all the games last season with us because I was still nursing her.  The weather on Saturday was beautiful!  We started the day in long sleeves and jackets and ended that game in short sleeves.  Hadley and Mike and sat in our regular seats while mom, Jillian and I sat in another section.  We didn't do much sitting.  Jillian lasted about 10 minutes into the first quarter and she was done.  Mom spent most of the game walking around with Jillian.  She even pushed her in the stroller for a little nap.  We had a great time at the game but were sad that the wildcats lost.  Hadley just could not understand why the orange guys won ( we played Oklahoma State) and not the wildcats.  Hadley loved the game and was very excited about the pom poms she got.  Hopefully the next game we take the girls to we will leave with a victory.

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